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  • What is brige?

    brige is first in providing a “digital chequebook”

  • What is a digital chequebook?

    A digital chequebook provides you with the ability to write a digital cheque from your Canadian bank account to anyone with a Canadian bank account using a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

  • When can I use my digital chequebook?

    Where ever cheques are accepted including bill payments, fee payments, payments to friends, most accounts payable and many other applications.

  • How are digital cheques different from e-transfers?

    In some ways they are similar tools for payment, both being easy to use. The difference is that digital cheques provide you with better records and do not have a low dollar amount threshold.

  • Will cheques be around much longer?

    Cheques are a trusted form of payment, but have given way to other payment options that maybe easier to use. With brige, cheques will be easier to use and the market place will decide on it’s place among all other payment options.

  • Who owns the funds after I write a digital cheque?

    You own the funds until the cheque is cleared by your bank.

  • Do I have to enter my bank account into brige to receive a cheque?

    No, you do not need to enter your bank account into brige to receive a cheque.

  • Do I have to enter my bank account into brige to send a cheque?

    Yes. We require your bank information in order to process your cheque.

  • What if my bank is not on the list of banks when setting up a bank account?

    We can input your bank's format within 1 business day. Please send us a Ticket through the brige app for that request.

  • How long does my cheque take to process with brige?

    brige, will process all Remote Deposit and Mailed cheques by 2pm (MST) Monday - Friday.