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No more paper, utilize brige
Your digital chequebook

Quick & Efficient

Our service allows you to write a digital cheque from your account to any other bank account.

Anytime Support

If you have an issue just send us a message and we will respond in a timely manner.

Simple Design

brige is easy to use and navigate, with all your information at your fingertips. Send a cheque in seconds.


We use intrusion and fraud detection systems and two-step authorization for cheque issuance.

Save Money & Time

To fully take advantage of your digital chequebook, have your clients subscribe to brige.


Access your account from Apple iPhone and Android phones.

brige digital chequebook


Send Cheques Confidently

Write a digital cheque to anyone instantly. Store many bank accounts in your brige account.

Receive Cheques Confidently

Receive your cheque within brige by Mobile Deposit (You download a PDF and take a picture of the cheque into your Bank App), Self-Print (You Print the cheque on cheque stock and deliver to your receiver yourself), Request brige to Mail (brige prints and sends the cheque by Mail).


Add people and businesses to your contact list just by their name. No need to know there account information.

Cheque Registry

View all of your digital cheques for every bank account you own whether they are incoming or outgoing.

Post-Dated Cheques

Use your brige account to manage any post-dated digital cheques.


With brige, the receiver will get a notification when a transaction has been sent.